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Oct 7, 2012 5:30pm PDT
states, hugo chavez, faces the toughest election of his life tonight. venezuelans have been lining up all day to vote in the presidential race there. chavez has denounced the united states as "the biggest menace to our planet." he once called former president george w. bush "a donkey, a coward and an immoral person." anchor jorge ramos from our partner network univision is in venezuela tonight for the election, and i spoke with jorge just moments ago here. jorge, great to have you with us again tonight and president chavez finding himself in his closest race yet to hold on to power. >> reporter: absolutely. for the first time in 13 years president hugo chavez might lose the presidency. he hasn't been able to control inflation, crime, corruption, and for the first time all the opposition parties got together behind one candidate, henrique capriles, a formidable 40-year-old former governor. >> we al know that president chavez almost made it political sport to become friends with our own rivals in america but he also controls a significant amount of oil that comes to the united states. >> re
Oct 7, 2012 3:00am PDT
in venezuela. hugo chavez is hoping ho old onto his power but he's facing the strongest challenge from his oppo opposing candidate. >> reporter: he called an impromptu speech on the eve of sunday. he said our election will be transparent and fair. they say the result will be very legitimate and they've gone to great lengths to make sure everyone can vote and it's free and fair. the electoral process on sunday will be fair and is one of the most automated systems in the world. having said that, being hugo chavez he wouldn't shy away from controversy when asked directly if he wouldn't relinquish power to the opposition. here's what he had to say. >> translator: here the country is going to be the winner. the voice of the people will prevail. so let's listen to the voice of the people and let's act based on that. >> reporter: now while he seemed to indicate he would relinquish power he was definitely true to form as chavez is. he seemed to relish his time with media, going on and on about his place in the world and he was not finished. he had a not so veiled threaten the polls. through the law the
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Oct 8, 2012 6:00am PDT
in native tongue] bill: socialist president hugo chavez winning a third term, turning back the most serious challenge to his office in 14 years. his margin of victory, much narrower than usual. his challenger promised to take venezuela in a whole new direction. there are many questions how this all went down with accusations on widespread election fraud. steve hair began on that story much later. we're just getting started, patti ann. patti ann: possible break about a missing little girl in colorado a new clue leading the investigation into a brand new direction. bill: what one lawmaker found at on his own fact-finding mission in the country only a day before congressional hearings start this week. patti ann: has the campaign momentum shifted into republican governor romney's favor. the candidate enjoying rock star status on the trail. massive crowds meeting him on every stop. so has the game changed? a fair and balanced debate coming up. >> he wants another stimulus? how did the officers one work out? we know where that leads. we've seen the last four years. we don't want four more years l
Oct 8, 2012 1:00pm PDT
example. he had two sentences on latin america. that was hugo chavez. he didn't congratulate him on winning this weekend. but he -- >> i'm not sure he needed to. >> but two lines, two sentences on latin america, a great economic power down there, brazil, a company named after my own family. and no mention of brazil >> don't you think that this is the romney campaign trying to respond to what has frankly been a mix of sort of incompetence, blunders and inexplicable comments from the white house libya the last few weeks and that's why the focus was on middle east. >> perhaps on mitt romney's failure to establish himself as a world-class leader when you go to great britain and basically insult the people there, insult the people in poland -- >> but -- >> he did talk about a two-state solution today. he didn't talk about that last time. so mitt romney made some advances this time. >> excellent, all right. >> he also had a couple of reversals. whenever you have mitt, you have to go into reverse just to see if he can go forward. but this was classic mitt romney, shallow. >> let me ask
Oct 8, 2012 7:00am EDT
. >>> an unprecedented third term for hugo chavez as the socialist leader is re-elected in venezuela. kerry sanders is live with more from caracas, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. the official result showed pentagon hugo chavez won that unprecedented third term with 54% of the vote. the newspaper headline here says it all, "six more years." for chavis's supporters, his re-election is an emotional moment in history. fireworks filled the skies. as the street party continued well into the early morning hours. a chavez victory shows supporters his brand of socialism is here to stay. >> we want to live in socialism. >> reporter: hugo chavez, 58 years old, a star among the poor in south america was himself surrounded by a hollywood star sunday, actor danny glover, a chavez supporter. for almost 14 years chavez socialist revolution has captured the imagination of the poor here, in large part because he's taken this nation's oil wealth and used its profits to give away free homes and subsidize grocery bills. >> hugo chavez. >> reporter: but opposite candidate enheek capriles says the oil
Oct 7, 2012 6:00am PDT
president hugo chavez, who's been no friend of the united states, has failed to invest in the oil industry that he nationalized in the early 2000s. challenging chavez is 40-year-old enrique. he's thin, energetic and some say the sexy candidate. a sign that folks here feel the vote could be close and perhaps contested. grocery stores have been mobbed as if residents are preparing for a hurricane. families are stocking up, fearful that over the election results there could be some sort of violence. in a last-minute statement from chavez, sort of surprising since he's made the united states his archenemy, he said, commenting on the u.s. election, he hopes obama gets re-elected. chris? >> kerry sanders in caracas, thank you. >>> american airlines now says all 48 of its 757 boeings are back in service. they say they've fixed the problem with the pin that had caused entire rows of seats to come loose in flight. price of gasoline, it's risen to another all-time high in california today. it's now $4.66 for a gallon of regular unleaded. it was $4.16 a week ago, $3.80 a year ago. californians are pa
Oct 7, 2012 8:00am EDT
voters are choosing their next president. the current leader hugo chavez is hoping for an unprecedented third term, but polls indicate he may be facing his stiffest challenge to date. kerry sanders is in the capital caracas with more. good morning, kerry. >> reporter: well, good morning, chris. as we see our gas prices in the united states rising, the elections here in oil-rich ve venezuela takes on importance. at 6:00 a.m. the polls opened here and in this country twice the size of california there will be a 90% voter turnout today. venezuela is the fourth largest supplier of oil to the united states. and this kun are try has the largest oil reserves in the world. how different are things here because of that? wul into a gas station in venezuela and it takes less than $3 to fill up an empty suv. oil production in venezuela has dropped 30% in the last decade, one reason for our higher gas prices. oil industry experts say president hugo chavez, who has been no friend to the united states, has failed to invest in the oil industry that he nationalized in the early 2000s. challenging chavez
Oct 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
morning, savannah and willie, good morning, everyone. an unprecedented term for hugo chavez as the socialist leader, reelected president of venezu a venezuela. carrie sanders is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the official reports show that the president won that unprecedented third term with 54% of the vote. the newspaper headline says it all, six more years for chavez supporters, his re-election an emotional moment in history. fireworks filled the sky. and it went into the morning hours. his brand of socialism. >> we want better lives. >> reporter: hugo chavez, 58 years old, a star among the poor in south america, was himself surrounded by a hollywood star sunday, actor danny glover, a chavez supporter. for 14 years, he captured the imagination in large part because he has taken the oil well and used profits to give away free homes and subsidize grocery bills. >> i am happy for hugo chavez. >> reporter: he says the nation's oil wealth has been siphoned by a corrupt government, his supporters the middle class and wealthy, many now saying they will leave ven
Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
to comment on it. it's coming from venezuela president hugo chavez. the socialist leader known for anti-american rhetoric says he hopes mr. obama wins the presidential election. he called mr. obama "a good guy." his comments could be a sign that he's looking for a better diplomatic relations with the u.s., the top buyer of venezuela's oil. >>> in eastern afghanistan, the taliban launched a deadly attack on u.s. forces. a suicide bomber rammed a motorcycle packed with explosives into a joint u.s./afghan patrol killing 14 people including three americans. today's attack comes after a deadly weekend on american forces pushing the u.s. military death toll to over 2,000 since the start of the 11-year war. in recent months, many killings have been insider attacks. that prompted the u.s. military to suspend joint operations between u.s. and afghan forces but today most of those operations have resumed. 31 americans have died this year from afghan forces killing u.s. forces. >>> syria's foreign minister made strong accusations today saying the turmoil was the fault of the u.s. and its allies. h
Oct 7, 2012 7:00am PDT
challenge yet to president hugo chavez since taking power. he took power 14 years ago. >>> and israel has released this video of its jet shooting down a drone that crossed into israeli airspace saturday. the military doesn't yet know where that drone came from, but it is rare for drones to fly into israeli airspace. >>> finally, after a successful test flight in may, private company spacex is hoping to launch its second capsule to the international space station tonight. the capsule will deliver about a thousand pounds of food, clothing and gear including ice cream for breakfast. time now for the weather. my favorite. over to ginger zee. >> yum. okay, so the high temperature yesterday in denver was only 36. lakewood, colorado, where today temperatures will be more like the mid-50s and much more autumn like. perfect to see colors. in parts of colorado already at peak. 54 for denver today, but by tomorrow into tuesday we'll be rebounding and by tuesday back into the 70s. a lot of warmth spreading there. phoenix, 94, san diego, 73. los angeles today at 79. so warmer and drier out west, espec
Oct 8, 2012 5:00am PDT
will provide new tools for scientists around the world. >>> voters in venezuela have given president hugo chavez a new six-year term. he overcame a challenge from a moderate candidate. more than 80% of eligible voters went to the polls and thousands living abroadcast ballots at diplomatic offices including the consulate in new orleans. >>> 5:19. a volunteer recall of all the products by that pharmacy at the center of the deadly meningitis outbreak. new england compounding center says the move is being taken as a precaution because of all the risk of potential contamination. the centers for disease control says there are now more than 90 confirmed cases and seven deaths from a rare form of fungal meningitis linked to steroids from that new england company. >>> police in colorado are looking for a 10-year-old girl who has been missing since friday. jessica ridgeway was last seen friday as she walked to a park where she meets her classmates before school. police believe they found jessica's backpack over the weekend about 6 miles from the girl's suburban denver home. >> they're all wanting j
Oct 8, 2012 9:00am EDT
-elected socialist president hugo chavez for another six-year term. he's a longtime critic of washington. he defeated opposite leader henrique capriles amid growing frustration of crime, corruption and power outages. venezuela has the largest crude oil reserves. >>> at least 20 new cases of fungal meningitis occurs as the deadly outbreak linked to steroid injection spreads to nine states and 91 people are now infected as the new england company that produced the injections widens the recall. the steroid is frequently used to treat back pain, and authorities say thousands of patients may have been injected with drugs from the affected facility. >>> a mixed report on the state of security at one of the nation's busiest airports. screeners at newark liberty airport are only carrying out passenger pat-downs correctly some 16.7% of thevn@ time. the report from undercover tsa teams also found that screeners only take appropriate action on restricted items about 25% of the time, but screeners did get perfect scores on removing prohibitive items and displaying good listening skills. >>> police believe a back
Oct 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
that was scrubbed. >> jake tapper in washington, thank you for that. >>> meanwhile, the venezuelan president hugo chavez a vocal opponent of the united states has been re-elected. it is his closest win yet, however, with just 54% of the vote. he has promised to create his own version of socialism there. >>> meanwhile here at home, major security lapses at one of the busiest airports in the country. an undercover investigation by the tsa found that screeners at newark airport failed to properly pat down passengers 83% of the time. and in only one-quarter of all cases did screeners find prohibited items and take appropriate action. >>> and an historic launch from cape canaveral overnight. for the first time, a commercial cargo ship is headed to the space station to resupply astronauts. that's because the shuttles are not around to do it anytime. nasa is paying a company called spacex, $130 million. for each delivery. >>> and a milestone last night in professional football. saints quarterback drew brees surpassed johnny unitas' record last night. broke the record for most consecutive games with a to
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Oct 8, 2012 3:00am PDT
bender and the note he left behind. note ♪ -- ♪ ♪ ♪ >> >> gretchen: hugo president chavez reelected to a four term with 53 percent of the vote. also california governor gerry brown taking drastic steps to lower gas prices and ordering the stations sell the cheaper winter blind. steve? >> steve: fill her up. brand new national polls show mitt romney ahead of president obama. he got himself a bump. cue the attacks. a week ago paul rhine was asked to explain the math of a tax cut and he said i don't have time. governor mitt romney had a massive performance and the underpenings of that was dishonest f. you are willing to say anything to get elect make up your positions, american people have to understand how they can elect you. >> steve: is calling mitt romney and ryan a good strategy. here to weigh in is washington insider amelia and democrat pollster marjorie. good morning to both of you. >> margey. it does sound like according to the new york times, 10 minutes before the end of the debate they were on a conference call talking about he stunk up the place. we'll have to go full steam
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Oct 8, 2012 8:00am PDT
to resist the failed ideology of hugo chavez and the castro brothers and deepen ties with the united states on trade and energy and security. but in all these places, just as in the middle east, the question is asked, where does america stand? i know many americans are asking a different question, why us? i know many americans are asking whether our country today with our ailing economy and our massive debt and after 11 years of war is still capable of leading? i believe that if america doesn't lead, others will. others who don't share our interests, and our values, and the world would grow darker for our friend, and for us. america's security and the cause of freedom can not afford four more years like the last four years. i'm running for president because i believe the leader of the free world has a duty to our citizens, and to our friends everywhere to use america's great influence wisely, with solemnity and without false pride and also firmly and actively to shape events in ways that secure our interests, further our values, prevent conflict and make the world better, not perfect but be
Oct 9, 2012 12:00pm EDT
tonight comes from hugo chavez's say the debate could favorite sycophant or as i like to call with his favorite busboy. if you are sean penn and you have something really asinine and you want to get out there, where do you go? that's right, piers morgan. mr. penn delivered one of the most asinine comments ever on television. can we call cnn national television any more? and even worse, she insisted that we know that this was -- ki insisted that we know that this is his original thought. he came up with. >> he has what i call the get the n-word out of the white house tea party. at the end of the day there is a big bubble coming out of their head saying can be just lynch him. >> he's so charming. how did you decide a winner? the winner of the 2012 barbara streisand political iq award for political goes to baby hugo, sean penn. ♪ >> we have what i call the debt of the nword out of the white house. there is a bubble coming out of their head saying can we just lynch him. ♪ stat i'm sorry i'm drinking such an enormous amount of water. i smoked pot and have dry mouth. unfortunately sean p
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)